beautiful mess

Day one of filming had up in the bathroom of Dana with glow sticks. These videos were really cool but ended up not being relevant to the project. But it was fun.

Day two of filming took place in class and we were just going to set up were we wanted the cameras to be placed and so I jumped in the space and then next thing I knew Victoria and I were both in a all white and covering each other and ourselves and the space with paint. It was wonderful. I cannot find the words to express what went on in the space for me but it was transformic.

When we first started moving in the space it was more cosious and not quite sure what to do with the space or each other. Although that lastly awkward period shortly deteriorated and next thing I knew I was completely and utterly engulfed in the space. The was an interesting freedom that the space created because it was a  limited space but what you could do in there was limitless.

The space for me personally was extremely theroputic. I had zero intension of that but it happened. About an half an hour or so being in the space, I realized what this space ment to me and what it was saying to me. At the time it was completely spot on with what was going on in my life. I wanted to embrace the space and what it was saying to me and at that moment it said to me fill up that container with water and dump it on your head. It was like a self baptism I guess. After that happened that space and I became one.

Something I found very interesting was when Victoria and I would improve with each other, it was very aggressive and the  was a lot of fighting and anger. These are emotions that I had never had for what the situation the space brought up to me was about. So that was really helpfully to me in my healing process. 

Victoria and I were in the space for the whole class period. We didn’t even notice we had dancing for that long. at the end we started using water and so when we slowed down our movements we became very cold very fast. so there are some great videos of us twitching.

The space was emotionally draining but for all the right reasons. I enjoyed every second of it and have grown from it.



Today I day number one for our collaboration! And we decided to go shopping for our materials. We made a list the previous class. We went to the salvation army. And if you ever find yourself in need to go to one, I would suggest going on a Wednesday cause it is half off everything.

Then that Sunday afternoon we meet up and went to get the rest of the supplies from the dollar store and Walmart. 

and so it begins

When we were given our final assignment for painting there were two topics that stood out to me. The first one was making a film. Any opportunity given, I love to incorporated both of my major, studio and dance, together. So for the film I had the idea of a completely white space with cloth or some surface to paint on covering the space. And there would be bodies in the space that would take drip paint and fall the floor with the drip. So I was looking for the fluidly of movement in paint and dance. My second idea was to make a circus poster with tigers. The stripes on the tigers really resonated with me and the fluidity idea.

So when we went around the class sharing our ideas I explained both of mine. However everyone so far had chosen to do an individual project and the film was going to be a group project. So I figured I would just stick with the tigers. After that was over Miss Victoria Campbell came up to me and expressed great interested in my film idea and really wanted to make that happen. Then about five other people came up to me expressing interest also. So this was awesome! The group that ended up creating the film was myself, Victoria, and Mercedez Hart.

Next thing we did was choose a space to create this film. We chose two walls on the opposite end of the painting class studio next to the stairs. Then we wrote up a proposal for our project and created a schedule  for it also.

Suggestion vs Description

Thatched Cottage in Normandy

            The use of color in Berthe Morisot’s oil painting is filled with a variety of greens and browns that create the lovely landscape of the Thatched Cottage in Normandy. She uses color to suggest an abundance of forest but only has a few trees fully described. The use of rhythm with the light green whitish lines forming the grass also suggest that you are looking at a field of grass without depicting every single blade of grass. The color or more muted and dulled down. Your eye moves from the foreground of the painting and recedes through the middle ground to the background where the cottage is located. The color is not must stark contrast in the painting. The colors are hues of forest greens and browns. The layout of the trees really influences your eye. 


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 The still life painting we just did I found very challenging and frustrating. This is because I could not get the right dimensions for these two mixing bowls. And the bowls just so happened to be the focus and center of painting. So after spending multiple classes creating and easing lines uses the string and drawing what I saw, I gave up and made the best out of what I had. After spending so much time trying to accurately render the bowls I had only one class to start painting the paper. I then  spent multiple hours outside of class experimenting and doing as many risky things as I could push my self to do. My favorite part of my painting are the feathers on the left side of the paper. I really wanted my painting to flow more and have more layers and just more in general but time was not on my side. I did enjoy the painting so much more after I stopped obsessing with getting the bowls right.

3 spaces

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while looking up music I found this song and I really love the picture on the cover. I think I want to have that in the back ground with the dancer and the spot light and a black feather in the foreground. I am not sure what to put in the middle ground. Possible some flowers. or maybe a tree in a park. Also it would be cool if i did it vertically and in the foreground it was a vase and in the middle ground it was a picture of flowers and in the back ground. I experimented with the idea of a huge lady bug in the foreground but I was not too fond of my sketches for that. So that idea was scratched and on my way from class I was walking up the stairs outside next the Campbell and deseceded to sit down because I felt that those stairs with Presser in the background would be very pretty to paint. although when I started sketching the bricks, they looked like bricks. and it was painfully boring. Then I talked to Nell who told me to draw what I saw and that I was not going to see every little detail. So I went to the stairs for a second try and when I looked at them I found myself mostly only seeing the darker more purple shades of bricks. So in my painting there are mostly purple bricks. I was starting to enjoy painting and seeing the bricks. I really loved were my painting ended up going and it was all on a risk. I was afraid that there weren’t enough bricks but i kept going back and forth to get a nice balance. I also really loved people comments to my painting and that some of the people in the class had no clue they were bricks and then other knew the exact spot where they were.


Our first days of painting were filled with studying and painting a fruit of our choose. I chose and apple that Victoria Campbell shared. We had to studied and observe the apple and then paint what we saw. In my head I dissected the apple, it was filled with shades of reds, yellows and greens. then I jotted down some of my thoughts in the side of my paper. I was trying to think of the apple as shades from light to dark. Then I proceeded to choose the right shade of yellow and experiment away. I found that you had to wait for the paint to dry before adding another layer to darken the painting. After we finished our fruits or veggies painting we lined them up on the wall to have a critique about them. We then had to choose three painting that we liked the best and pick out there style of painting.  

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